Kitchen Renovations

What is it about house projects that bring out the best in your house but the worst in your relationships? Ok... maybe that doesn't happen for everyone or every house project, but it definitely happened for this one... and no, we aren't totally finished, and yes, I was a little hasty when I pulled down a whole bunch of wallpaper, but my cheapity cheap cheap kitchen reno has started off to be productive. Though I am pretty sure that if I begin something like this again, my husband will really leave me and not just threaten it ;) My once bland kitchen is now BLUE! I will be making new curtains and tiling a pretty amazing backsplash, painting my cabinets and getting a new countertop. Overall, it will be one of the best rooms in my house ( until I get rid of the fake fireplace wall :) ) I will post before and after pics, no worries.

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