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Anonymous said...

The head of school @ the Academy is looking for teachers to prep a few students for ACT and SAT tests in the spring. She will pay, not sure how much. I told her that our non-competes were shredded. I am super busy with my schedule, so I am wondering who may be interested. It will probably be after school for an hour or two per week.


Jim said...

Michelle, I might have some time to help with the ACT/SAT prep this spring. I am hoping I can still have Fridays available, but my spring schedule isn't set yet.

On another note - I found that foxvalleytutors.com is being used, apparently by a group like us, but they are in Illinois somewhere. However, foxcitiestutors.com appears to be unused.

Kim, do you or your hubby have any suggestions for which isp we could use to host our web site? My band parents group goes thru Northern Telephone & Data (in Oshkosh, I think) and we paid about $125 last May for a year of web hosting & domain name renewal. Our site is kybo.org, if you want to take a look and see what we have set up there...