French Onion Soup

So I made this for the hubs one night a month or so ago... and I am sorta craving it. Its got that "OMG I've gotta have more" quality to it.... I swiped the recipe from the Pioneer Woman. What did I do differently?? Used a cheaper cheese and had a way more giant bowl of it! Kinda crazy though, my soon-to-be sis made a pretty yummy version of her french onion soup in a crockpot... just a little something something to think about!

WARNING! If you look any further, you will gain 5lbs

mmmmmhmmmm.... and you ain't seen nothing yet! The next shot will be the one that makes you scream "I'll have what she's having!"

Yup. you're are drooling and your pants feel a little tighter don't they? It's ok... that's what they make sweatpants for :)

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Manda said...

If I liked French Onion Soup, that would look divine. ;) DId you see her Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe that she posted today? Yum! http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/01/chicken-tortilla-soup/