Have you seen the latest on the zodiac? If you haven't... please read this article from msnbc before reading my rant...

Apparently, my whole life as I know it has been a complete sham!

As a Gemini i was always described as quick, clever, impulsive, restless, changeable and highly intellectual. I crave novelty and variety, and grow bored easily.   yup... pretty much sums me up...

 Now I am a Taurus... lets see that means I am not described as practical, reliable and stubborn. They possess great physical strength and endurance, and are inclined to be financially successful in the long run. pretty much the opposite of everything I am. 

So now what do I do?? read both horoscopes everyday and decide which one fits my life better? Do I jump the Gemini ship because the stars are aligned differently... or do I keep on pretending I'm a Gemini, because, lets face it (as a Taurus) I am very stubborn?

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