Thunder... lightening... and snow! OH MY!

Right now there is lightening, thunder and snow. I wonder, on a daily basis, why I live in the state of Wisconsin. I am hoping that after Winter Storm Francesca (how exotic, right?!) blows on through that we will finally enter the fabulous season called SPRING! But... in the mean time I think I might be snowed in or iced in... I'm not sure which. So tomorrow (since I have off) I plan on doing some baking and crafting. I am in the middle of a project that I would like to finish and I've got some bananas that are overly ripe on the kitchen counter. Here's a tidbit you might find interesting... Andy sometimes hides bananas until they are black so that I need to make banana bread for him! Devilish huh?? I'll post pics (of both?) when I am finished!

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Manda said...

They name winter storms? I totally don't remember that. lol Why should Hurricanes get all the fun though, huh?

Banana bread = win! :D