My First Sewing Project

So I got this sewing machine for Christmas 5 years ago and I have never used it. I have had many grand plans in the past but I have never pulled the trigger and actually used it. I decided that I needed to use it. After all, Santa didn't buy it for me just to collect dust in my basement.

So I went and bought some fabric and this pattern... looks easy enough right? I figured that if I could make anything, I could make an apron...  Then I opened that cute little packet of love that was going to show me how to make the cutest apron ever and saw this....

I promptly googled "how to read a sewing pattern" and set to work. Contrary to the outside of this pattern that says that this is a "Kwik-Sew" it was not quick... I have about 15 hours logged into this beauty (no thanks to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte)
Well, here it is... the long awaited final product. Please don't laugh...

Here's a closer look... and here are a few things I learned.... 
  • Cutting straight is important
  • the grain of the fabric makes a difference
  • I have no idea how to make things even
  • Sewing straight is important ( I wish I knew how)

Well there it is! My FIRST sewing project ever... even with all of it imperfections, I think I love it and I will wear it!


Manda said...

it's cute! :) i think you did a nice job! :)

for sewing straight, you can line up a piece of painter's tape or masking tape or something along however big you need your seam allowance to be, and just sew with your fabric adjacent to the edge of the tape. i learned that in quilting.

also, it's easier to sew straight if you sew a little faster. (i should also note, it's also easy to go off track if you sew TOO fast.)

try a basic patch work quilt project. that's nothing but sewing squares into straight lines & can at least help w/ practicing that. hehe :)

Rachel said...

Look at you go! Good job! I don't blame you at all for being confused by the pattern . . . I have only used patterns a few times when sewing because I find them so complicated! They never just say things in plain English, and they assume you know certain things before beginning that aren't always safe to assume (in my case at least). Your apron came out so cute though! I've been wanting to make a cute apron forever and haven't gotten around to it . . . you've got me inspired to start one soon :-)

Eve Sanchez said...

OMG Kim it's cute. I need to make one! The fabric is so beautiful I would have wanted to make a skirt. Anyways thank you so much for following my main blog Happy Accidents. It's weird I was just literally thinking about you.
Remember the granny panties I drew for the Kim lingerie paper doll? I colored them and just now I'm uploading the picture, I'm going to finish so I can give you the link.

Eve Sanchez said...

Here is your Granny panty designs colored! 
Hope you like them. I'm sure when you are making dresses you'll look back and say Ohhh my first project ever! 

Dustin Wilfling said...

It's adorable!  Good work Kim!  You should definitely be proud! :)