Nursery Sneak Peek...and an update

So I have been hard at work in the nursery for our baby girl. It has been so fun getting creative and making a completely girly room! I took a few pictures to share just the beginnings with you and when it's all finished, I will give you a full tour... but for now, here's a little taste!

In the upper left hand corner, we have the closet that my wonderful hubby has slaved over to give me exactly what I wanted! I love all of the storage room in this closet. I also love all of the cute little outfits that I have collected so far... ah! BABY CLOTHES!

In the lower left hand corner is a picture of our crib that my mother-in-law and father-in-law bought for us! I love this crib! It's convertible so it will grow right along with our little girl and it's 2-toned so there is no need to commit to one wood choice in the room!

In the upper right hand corner is a view from below of the mobile that I made to hang above the crib. So this is what Baby Girl will see... I think it's a happy view.

Then in the lower right hand corner we have a picture of the striped wall that I painted. Warning: Painting straight lines isn't as simple as it appears! :)

In other news.... about the time that our little girl will make her debut, our family will also be going through a pretty significant transition. About a week ago, I learned that the bank branch I work at will be closing in late January. Due to this, my colleagues and I were forced to reevaluate our careers and make some changes. We are all invited to apply for other positions within our company but Andy and I have decided that we will take this opportunity to allow me to stay home for a little longer with our baby as I learn how to be a mom.  We are not planning on having me stay home forever but we are looking at about a 6 months and then I will hit the streets looking for a job. I have some peace of mind knowing that I have been a hard-worker and strong performer for the company I currently work for and I know I will have some excellent references. But we are so excited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We are looking at this job loss as a blessing in disguise!


Manda said...

I'm sorry you're going to be losing your job, but talk about perfect timing. :) I'm glad you'll get to spend a little extra time with your new little one without the pressure to go back to work at 6 weeks or 3 months or whatever. :D

everything happens for a reason!

Melissa said...

I love the closet organization. Paul and I are looking into something like that for the new place.