the BEST monday ever!

Today is shaping out to be the best monday ever for a few reasons...

#1. banks are closed. so this may be a Monday for you, but it isn't one for me. I have decided that I would be a much happier person if I had every Monday off.
#2. i am home alone. even though the hubs pretty much keeps to himself in his "lair", he's still here. breathing my oxygen. ok, I'm kidding about the oxygen thing. I'm sure their is plenty of breathable air out there that I can share with my wonderful hubby.
#3. its snowing outside, which renders me house bound.I seriously hate driving in the snow. more than anything. have you seen that insurance commercial where all the cars are sliding into other parked cars/trees/ inanimate objects. it gives me a mild panic attack just watching that commercial.
#4. I can do whatever I want... except laundry. I'll have to do that even if I don't want to. I'm out of clean undies :)

Here's what I am doing today

mmm... caffeine    

my dirty secret... daytime talk shows (I've been known to fake sick to watch Sylvia Browne on Maury)

Cuddling on the couch with Dillinger (notice the pjs?? mmmhmmm)
Reading a book

WAIT! That's not all... this afternoon I booked myself a massage and facial. Now that is something that I will brave Wisconsin roads for... Just because I don't like driving in the snow, doesn't mean that I won't... c'mon. I am a seasoned winter driver. I live in friggin Wisconsin. I also may bake some cupcakes or possibly scrapbook. I dunno. Now you must excuse me. Rachael Ray is on... my hero.


Manda said...

I don't think I could handle driving in snow. I mean, if I had to, I would, and I'd be careful, but I don't even like it when it rains really hard. LOL

WHat book are you reading? :)

Kim said...

Well I was reading The Spark... its by the founder of sparkpeople.com but now I am reading the newest installment of the Fever series... duh. :)