That is exactly what my New Years Resolutions were... this cartoon really tells it the way it is.

Last night, the hubs *gently* pointed out that I have failed at every New Years resolution I had set. I think a major part of that failure was due to my not writing it down (notice that I am not mentioning how my failure could be due to my severe lack of willpower).  I am reading a book right now that says the most important thing about setting goals is writing them down.
So these are my NEW YEARS Resolutions

  1. Cut out fast food (I will not let KFC's mashed potatoes biscuits make my mouth water... dang, mny mouth is watering!)
  2. Blog more regularly. I have already put this into action and am succeeding... I think! I can't promise that everything I blog is interesting, but I am blogging!
  3. Be a more adventurous cook and baker... I just joined the Daring Kitchen. Right now I am just doing the daring baker challenges, we'll see how that rolls before I add more to my plate. 
  4. Exercise. any type of exercise is more than I am doing now, so I would like to improve in that aspect. When the hubs and I look into our future, we know that we want to have babies (real ones... not furry ones) at some point. Before that happens, I need to be a healthier person...we need to be a healthier family.
  5. Do the household chores before they pile up on me. This includes: laundry, dishes and dusting...
  6. Put money from every paycheck into savings... even if sometimes its only $10
  7. Be a better friend. 

WHEW! What a list, I have a lot to work on!

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Manda said...

I think that's a great list. :) I was a Daring Baker for a while, but the challenges are pretty involved (hence the challenge, I guess), and I"m just lazy in the kitchen. Plus I had to buy stuff almost everytime, and it just got expensive. The stuff I made, though, was delicious. :D