Dresser Re-do

So, I will preface this post by saying that this dresser was the reason that I kept my first and only secret from my husband during our marriage (ok... so it's only been a year... so I've got time to keep more secrets... but this was a biggie!) If all you want to see is the before and after, here you are...


 And even better yet, this dresser was like a box of cereal. It came with a prize in the drawer! FREEBIE!

If you want to find out what happened with my husband read on!
It started as any innocent day of rummaging does... cash in the purse, empty trunk, my husband carefully keeping track of all of the "junk" I am buying (One man's trash is another man's treasure!)

We pull up to this rummage sale that is pretty dismal, old tools, garbage, old magazines all piled up on two tables. My husband doesn't get out of the car but I've got my wing-men (my parents!). So we are poking around and I notice that these two tables happen to be 2 dressers... i almost peed my pants! I ask the old lady how much she would want for those two  beauties.. she says $50 bucks... i hem and haw and offer her $30... she says ok! THEN Andy jumps out of the truck and says no. So alas, I leave the rummage sale, my trunk still empty and my money still intact. (Does anyone need to go get a kleenex? It's ok to cry...)

My heart was broken... apparently, it also broke the hearts of my wing-men because we dropped Andy off and my mom informed me that we were going back. (GOING BACK?!) Luckily, when my mom and I get back to the rummage sale, the dressers are still there... so of course I buy them. and i don't tell my husband. In fact, my parents bring the dressers to their house, where I continue to not tell Andy while I am prettying them up. It's D-Day. I need to get them moved back to my house so gently tell him what I did... and BOY WAS HE MAD. Yup. but I think he doesn't hate them as much as he is acting like that because how can you hate something so beautiful?! He keeps referring to them as "firewood"...but I think he means that these dresser lit a fire in his heart rather than him using them as actual firewood.

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