Ugly Tray Upcycle

I took a little trip to my local thrift shop and as I was perusing the the aisles I saw this.
Totally ugly right? I am sorry if you were the very talented artist that painted this, but obviously, since it was at Goodwill, you weren't really diggin' it either. So you will have nooooo problem with how I upcycled it!

I started out with a bit of spray paint primer ( a couple coats all over... those ugly flowers were tough to erase!) and then i spray painted with one of those colors that keeps popping up all over my home.

**Side Note** My favorite color is pink, however my entire home has turned into a sea of blue and green and brown. weird! The only room that has any pink at all is my bedroom. My poor husband.

Anyway, after my paint dried, I added a little decor... courtesy of my Cricut! Modpodged that all on, finished up with a couple layers of modpodge all over and.... voila!


Manda said...

That is adorable! :) What will you use the tray for? Decoration or something 'useful'? :) BTW, your blog must match your house... blue, green, brown, and a tiny bit of pink! haha :)

Kim said...

I guess it does match! lol! Well, right now this tray is sitting on my coffee table collecting random junk that never seems to make it to its home. Ie: bobby pins, remotes, a candle, jewelry...