Swimming Dudes

The forecast for today ( and the rest of this week in Wisconsin) is HOT. Flippin hot! Luckily, I gots me a pool!

Ok. I admit, its a kiddie pool... and when I say kiddie, I mean baby. Its tiny... but i can dangle my feet in it, or sit in it (as long as no one is watching!) However, my furbabies got one look at that pool and they all but pushed mama out! Being the good mom that I am, I gathered up all of their balls and frisbies and nylon bones and threw them in the pool. One by one my pups dragged each toy out until the pool was empty and they stared at me... basically begging me to do it again (which of course, I did!)
At first Capone wasn't too sure about this...
The water is fine!

Dill needs a pair of sunglasses
Look what Capone found in the pool!
Call me sentimental, but this reminds me of when I was a kid. My little brother and I made up "tv shows" that we made our parents watch for hours... they normally starred my brother and I accomplishing impossible feats such as holding our breaths under water for 10 seconds or crossing the swingset without ever touching the ground. We not only thought up the shows' concepts and starred in them, but we also directed them, named them and came up with rocking theme songs. I still remember them just as well as I remember the "Saved by the Bell" theme song! Seriously, we should have won an Emmy or something!

Basically, I just wanted to show off pics of my babies playing in the water. Yup. I am sick!

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