Fall Fest

I linked up at Fall Fest and I thought maybe I should post a few of the reasons that I love fall...

1.I love cinnamon. I love that its socially acceptable for my house to smell like cinnamon because my house smells like cinnamon all year.

2. Starbucks has the most yummy drinks this time of year... and though I have always been a fan of the pumkin spice latte, this year I haven't had a single one. I tried the new salted caramel mocha. 3 words. TO DIE FOR. I will never look back.

3. I love pretty leaves. I even don't mind raking them up.

4. I love being able to wear jeans and hoodies again.

5. I like to start shopping for Christmas. I like to start early. I am not ready though to see Santa in October. Can we wait until at least mid-november to start that shenanigans?!

6. People are generally happier. I think they may be coming off the summer high and the realization that 6 months of winter is around the corner hasn't quite them yet.

7. Fall is cheaper for us generally... no summertime trips, only a few birthdays, less itchy to get out of the house and do something.

8. You don't have to mow the lawn anymore and unless you live on the east coast, you don't have to shovel any snow either. (for the record, I don't do either of those things anyway. Andy does. I do the laundry... which isn't seasonal)

I wish I could've gotten to 10.... but I'm losing focus and ideas... so you only get to read 8

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