Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

We are expecting snow tomorrow. This makes me sad. As magical as the first snowfall is, it is the start to a very looooong season.

I guess it is officially winter and with winter comes dry skin. I am a huge fan of pampering myself. As wonderful as the spa is, this girl is on a budget and cannot afford some of the pricey services a spa can offer. This recipe is something that makes your skin so soft that it even rivals on of those pricey scrubs... and only for pennies with things you already have in your kitchen!!

Here's what you need:
  • Brown Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Olive Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil (optional)

Start by adding your brown sugar. This is your base so it determines how much scrub you will be making. I used 1 cup.

Next, add a teaspoon of vanilla and a teaspoon of vitamin E oil if you are using that. The vitamin E oil is not necessary but it will add another layer of softness to your skin.

Lastly, you will add the olive oil. I used about 1/4 Cup of olive oil for this scrub. You can add as much as you like based on the type of consistency you are trying to achieve.

Stir this all together until the brown sugar looks like it is wet.

Put this mixture in a pretty jar and use it when you feel like you need some pampering, or give it as a gift, or use it every day to ward off the winter scales!

The scrub should store up to 3 months if you don't get any water in the mixture. Also, the oil will separate from the brown sugar while in storage so it will need stirring before use. ENJOY!

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Katelyn- Domestic Charm said...

Great gift idea, hadn't thought of adding some vitamin e oil! I am about to make some party favors for a bridal shower and was planning to make some homemade sugar scrub for each guest to take home! :) Thanks for sharing.