Button Bracelet

Today I present the button bracelet and a tutorial so you can make these super easy, adorable bracelets as a gift or for yourself (I won't judge... I'm keeping mine!)

Here are the materials you need to make these bracelets: 
1 Toggle Clasp and Ring, 2 crimp beads, string ( I used paper jewelry cord), buttons, scissors, and a pliers.
The first thing you want to o after you decide which buttons you'd like to use is put your toggle clasp on one end. To do this, slide one crimp bead on one end of your string. Slide your toggle clasp on and secure the loose end of the cord in the crimp bead and pinch the bead shut, locking your toggle clasp right on the string.

  Start adding your buttons... there is really no rhyme or reason to this. You are just stringing them on! Easy peasy!

Something you might want to think about it as you put your buttons on your string is that you can make each side of the bracelet look different by using different colors! You can see this in the pictures below!
Once you have your bracelet to the length that you are looking for, you need to attach the other end of your clasp. Start by adding a crimp bead, loop the string through the ring, secure with the crimp bead (same process as before!) Cut off the extra string. 
GUESS WHAT?! You are all done! Wear it and be the envy of the block! :)


The Belly Dancer said...

Such a great idea! I want to make one! New follower.

Sarah said...

I love that so many things can be done with buttons! I made button magnets last week. Thanks for sharing!! :)


Alida - Radcrafter said...

Thank you so much for sharing last week on Thingamajig Thursday!

Hope to see you again this week!