A short rant...

I know hearing me rant is probably the highlight of your day. Isn't that why you are reading this post? HAHA.
The long and short of it is... I don't know who I am more mad at to be honest... my dog (who is 2 years old... old enough to know better) or this boy who lives with me who's last name I happen to share.
Seriously. Can't I go to the gym without coming home to a living room floor that I can see? Seriously. My dog dragged an entire bag of garbage from one room to another... ripped it open and devoured it... along with some other random things that he grabbed off of our kitchen table. How do I teach him that this is naughty when yelling at him doesn't help?

Why was there a bag of garbage sitting on the kitchen floor you ask? BECAUSE Andy took it out of the garbage can but was too lazy to bring it outside. Why didn't I bring it outside? TO PROVE A POINT!  Well, that bit me right in the ass didn't it?

Where was Andy when all of this is happening? 1 guess... oh yup! you got it! Playing video games. Do they ever grown out of video games? What if we have kids... will it stop then? Or will I come home to a toddler playing with knives in the living room? Ok. I realize I am jumping the gun and being dramatic. But SERIOUSLY!

Now, they are both hiding out... Andy in the basement (playing video games no less) and Dillinger is in his hiding spot.

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Dyane said...

I would probably have yelled at the boy to clean that mess up, told the dog he was going to be dinner if it happened again, and then I would buy a pack of cigarettes. :) They never grow up until they want to. Good luck! Kisses!!!