Let's get real ladies....

I have been accused of wearing granny panties.

I don't think I wear granny panties. I think I wear cute, yet comfortable and practical undies.Like the ones pictured below.
Photo from Victoria's Secret

I guess I was under the impression that these were granny panties...

Photo via Jennifer at thegloss.com

So when they hubby accused me of this, the next sentence that comes out of his mouth is "you should wear more thongs". Hmmmm... I decided to try the thong thing out because of the super awesome wife that I am.  I mean, of course I have worn thongs... but not as every day undies. Only for special occasions or with really tight pants. but I figured I had permission to go buy some new underwear so off I went.

Alright ladies. Help me out here... I have made a pros and cons list for thongs... the list speaks for itself.

  • Andy likes them... 
  • They make it feel like I have a massive grundie ALL day long... OH WAIT! I do!
  • They make the car seat feel colder when I get in
  • They cost a lot of money for such a small amount of material
  • I just don't think a girl my size should be wearing underwear like this... I mean, who wants to see that?! Certainly not me!
  • I just don't understand the point! Why even wear underwear at all?!
Help me out here! Am I missing some of the pros?

Honestly, I think Andy should call it a good day if there aren't any holes in my undies. I mean, seriously... we are married and I stopped caring about the state of my under things 4 years ago! Plus, I don't see him going out and buying sexy boy underwear! In fact, I buy his underwear for him... and I go for comfort. Why are the expectations for girls different?


Manda said...

tell him to "wear more thongs" and see how he likes it *lol* they're uncomfortable, and I don't think they're sexy at all. but that's just me :) lol

The Belly Dancer said...

Kim I wrote a whole post to answer your question

If favor of thongs!

Justine said...

haha! This is so great! My hubby has also accused me of wearing granny panties and my undies look like the first picture, cute but practical. I say wear what makes you comfortable! I agree with Manda make him wear a thong and see how he likes it, haha.