Breaking up is hard to do.

Dear Pinterest,
I still love you but I found something better. Clipix just had some features that you cannot offer me. For example, private boards... I mean honestly. The whole world does not need to know that I need help organizing my closets. Simply put, this is a deal breaker for me. I think we should still be friends and I will still visit from time to time... I know in time you will understand why I am making this decision.
Love Always,
Photo from Relationshipcures.com
So originally I heard about Clipix through this post at Maybe Matilda and I will be honest, I scoffed at it. It seemed to be that Clipix was a Pinterest wannabe. I am sharing this website because I need to tell the world that it is not.
 I have explored Clipix and it is better... much better.
 You can make private boards, sync boards with friends and family, and link multiple boards together to help you organize your clips. I think my favorite part about Clipix is the private boards. Honestly, I still have a word document that I use to put links to pages that I don't want everyone I know to see... I mean, nobody needs to know about my obsession with babies and nurseries. I am not pregnant... I wouldn't want people to start spreading rumors! 
The only downside is that it hasn't become uber popular like pinterest and none of my friends are on it. I' love to have someone to sync my boards up with! The other thing is what about all of the things that I have pinned? I have decided that I will visit pinterest to visit my friends (until they all make the switch too!) and view my old pins but anything new is going straight to Clipix.
I know breaking up is hard to do. Maybe you could just cheat on Pinterest until you make your decision... or just play the field for awhile. Either way, seriously, check it out... you will fall in love too.


Melissa said...

Awesome! I hated that pinterest doesn't allow private boards. I ditto your nursery obsession, no one needs to know ;)I'm going to sign up today.

Justine said...

Thanks for filling me in ,I still save files to my computer too so that everyone can't see them. Also I just realized I wasn't officially a follower...so now I am!