A fairy tale (of sorts)

Once upon a time there was a 3 bedroom house... The biggest room had a big bed that the people who paid the mortgage slept in. The second bedroom was a bit smaller and had a bit smaller bed that the important people who were friends with the people who paid the mortgage slept in when they came in to town to visit and the third bedroom was the smallest and didn't have a bed and functioned as a office that was never really used and mainly just collected junk.

Then one day, the people who paid the mortgage decided to add another person to their house. While the new person was busy growing big, the people who paid the mortgage had many disagreements about which room they would give their new little person. The man thought the small little room would be the perfect room. The woman thought the bigger bedroom would be more suitable.

As most fairy tales go, the woman got her heart's desire, won the battle and began to rearrange her house to accommodate the newest member of their family.  Now, this is not the story of the cutest nursery in the kingdom... because that hasn't been created yet and is a story (or multiple) for another day. This is the story of the small little junk room that got the "fairy godmother" treatment and lived happily ever after.

There are still a lot of finishing touches that need to happen and I am still looking for the glass slipper, but I am too excited not to share what I've been up to! PS. I am in LOVE with this chandelier from Ikea!

Below is a picture of the color the room was... Andy picked it out when we moved in... it's the only room I let him choose the color... this room was green... hurt your eyes green. Andy's favorite color is awesome in moderation, on 4 walls in a small bedroom... not so awesome. I'm sorry babe... I painted you this letter of apology for painting over your color choice. The new color is Behr's Mystic Sea.

The duvet cover is also from Ikea, and the bedside lamps are from Target. Funny thing about the duvet cover... I didn't know it was two-sided and bought it thinking it was only plaid... which was my plan... then I saw the stripes. Which would you have chosen?

And because this room originally housed Andy's computer... then turned into my room to sew, I needed a place to condense my sewing things. Here's what I came up with so far. I feel like I need to do some reorganizing and some cutifying, but for now...

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