Meh- Hee- Co

We are back from our honeymoon (delayed) turned babymoon. It was wonderful. We literally sat on our butts by the pool and soaked up the sunshine ALL DAY. Pre-baby we had plans of getting wastey, snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins and zip-lining... yup... none of that happened! But I wouldn't change a thing. Check out some pics from our vacation! This is seriously just about every picture I took. I know. SUPER LAME and something I will probably totally regret but you can only take so many pictures of your feet in the pool.
The view from our hotel room balcony
The pool, cove and ocean!

Andy enjoying his alcoholic drink... mine is just juice.

A bump and a book
Liquor dispenser... too bad I'm pregnant. Things could've gotten crazy!

Awe! <3 br="br">

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