Now This is What We Call Nesting!

Almost exactly 3 years ago, Andy and I bought our first house... over these past 3 years, we've tried to make our house a home. Though we still have a lot of projects to cross of "the-list" we have accomplished a lot. One of the biggest things we've done, besides replace our windows (which isn't any fun!) is add some upgrades to our kitchen.

When we first moved in, our kitchen looked like this....

We couldn't stand it, but on a limited budget (by limited I mean, we could only afford paint...), I painted the kitchen blue and painted the cabinets white, and what we have lived with until this point was this...

Now, we have added a dishwasher, new counter tops, a new sink/faucet, and a beautiful tile back splash.

I need to give a huge shout-out to our friend John who helped us with everything... and another shout out to my in-laws who bought our dishwasher for us!Though we still have some work we'd like to do in the kitchen, the improvements we've done have made us incredibly happy and proud of this house. I've caught Andy walking in to the kitchen and just standing there smiling. It's cute and it makes me happy that we are living in a house that we are becoming proud of. I am also positive that this little reno will surely improve our marriage because we will no longer be fighting over whose turn it is to do the dishes! I'm sure this will be even more helpful once this little girl decides to show up. Seriously?! Can you imagine fighting over dishes when you are sleep deprived? I don't think that would have gone over well. 

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