Cinnamon Roll Waffles

This weekend I woke up and wanted something different than our normal breakfasts of waffles or pancakes or bacon and eggs. I had a thing of cinnamon rolls in the fridge and I decided that I would try cooking them in the waffle iron. (Genius right?!) I thought I was being pretty darn original... I cooked, I took pictures, I edited them. I was sure that this post was going to shoot my little old blog to stardom! I even went to submit my awesome idea to Pillsbury... then I found out I wasn't being as original as I thought I was. Pillsbury has this on their website, but I already had this post written and I thought, "Darn it! Well, maybe someone will still think this is the coolest thing ever!" So. Here you are. The easiest cinnamon roll waffles you will ever make!

All you need is a roll of Cinnamon Rolls, a waffle iron, and some cooking spray.

I used Pillsbury Grands Cinnabon Rolls because they are my favorite, but they are also big enough to fill a waffle iron.

Next, spray your preheated waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray and put the cinnamon roll right on there and then close it up to squish the cinnamon roll. Let it cook for about a minute or two. Then simply plate them up and use the icing included with the cinnamon rolls as "syrup".

What I loved about this is that it is a lot faster than cooking cinnamon rolls in the oven and is a twist on the normal breakfast! I hope you enjoy!

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Manda said...

Yum. I saw something like this on pinterest a while back, and I've been wanting to try it. I'm glad it was a success! :)