Hi-ho. Hi-ho. It's back to work I go

Two weeks ago, I went back to work.  Just when we were getting settled in to a routine, I have to go and get a job. You might remember that the bank I worked at when I was pregnant closed the branch I was at due to consolidation. I guess we just missed each other so much that I had to go back. :)

Me and Charlotte one morning before work!
I'm pretty fortunate to have an easy going baby, an amazing woman watching my baby while I'm at work, and a job that has been keeping me busy enough to not be dwelling on how much I miss my little girl. In these past two weeks it has been like I have been having to relearn how to be Charlotte's mommy. It's on odd thing. It has definitely been a couple of weeks of learning for all of us.

I wanted to share with you the top 10 + 1  things I have learned about going back to work... with pictures!
1. I can't wait to get out of work and it makes the time I am home so much sweeter. I mean, c'mon... look at this face!

2. I have to get up earlier than I ever thought I would. It takes an insane amount of time to get a baby and yourself ready. And this girl is not a morning girl. Even after coffee... As a warning: don't talk to me until after 8am, the only person who won't get snapped at is Charlotte.

3. I need to do what I can do the night before... washing and sanitizing bottles and pump parts, packing up the diaper bag for the morning, get my coffee ready so that all I need to do is hit a button, pick out outfits for the following day...

I feel much more comfortable leaving my little girl with someone I trust completely. I feel so lucky to have one of my very dearest friends watching her while I am at work. I know not everyone is that lucky so I thank God every single day for that.

I asked my friend/sitter to keep a journal and just jot down when Charlotte eats, sleeps and if she poops. This way I can keep tabs on what her day looks like and it also gives me an idea of how much/when I should be pumping. 
My house just isn't going to be clean. If you wanted to come over, you'd better make it a Sunday or a Monday... after that I can't promise that my husband's undies won't be laying on the bathroom floor or that a half folded load of laundry won't be deposited all over my living room. There are just more important things than picking up.
Pumping at work sucks. Literally. But also figuratively. I feel guilty needing to step away to do it. I work in a small office with no designated space to pump, so I use the break room and I hang a very discreet sign on the door
I think me going back to work has allowed Andy to have the time I didn't really give him before to bond with Charlotte . I do the drop off, he does the pick up and then he has a couple of hours with her until I get home. It's been working well and Charlotte is a total daddy's girl. I wish I could get as big of smiles from her as Andy does. 
I am a competitive person and I have made freezing milk some sort of game. I get off on pumping enough to add some to my freezer stash. I don't know what I will do with this stash, but it has become a source of pride for me. I wish I had a glass freezer so that I could just stare at the fruits of my labor.
This is almost 200 oz!
My car sucks. It is the most inconvenient car to have with a baby. What was cool when I was 21, single and stupid is no longer cool now that I'm 28 and have a family. At least I can fit a 6-foot ladder in my car... because that is useful.

Here's an additional little thing I have learned... babywearing is the best thing ever now that I have gone back to work. It allows me to be able to spend time with Charlotte while still accomplishing things that need to get done around the house. I just got my very first woven and it is beautiful!

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