Fall TV-- What are you watching?

I realize that it is a Saturday night and I am sitting around watching DVR's TV in my pajamas alone, but I can't confidently say that this has been a pretty perfect night! I have been feeling a little under the weather lately, I think it is allergies or a cold or something, but whatever it is, I NEEDED a night like tonight.  The hubby is gone up north and so I can watch all of the amazing shows that he thinks are terrible (without listening to him complain) If you have met my husband then you know that he can be quite the whiner if he isn't getting his way, or if he feels sick, or if the TV is tuned into anything other than ESPN or those stupid survival shows. OK. I am ranting... anyway, here is what I am watching (and loving) this season

  • New Girl
  • Up All Night
  • X Factor
  • Bones
  • House
  • Glee
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Greys Anatomy
Just to name a few! Thank goodness for my DVR!


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