Bird's Nest Necklaces

Finally! I can begin to post some of the things that I have been making. I don't know who reads this thing, but I was making Christmas gifts and I didn't want anyone to know what they were getting! I think these were my favorite gifts that I made this year... and they were super simple!

You need:
wire snippers,
loops(I'm sure that's not the technical term...),

Ok. First step. Take three beads. I used pearls (fake of course, seriously... my name is not Kardashian) and string them on to one end of the wire. Twist the short end of the wire around the long end to secure the beads to the wire.

Then take the wire and wrap it in a circle around the beads. It should look like the beads are eggs sitting in a nest.
Once your "nest" is as thick as you want it to be, snip your wire leave approximately 6-8 inches of extra wire to wrap the nest together. Take the loose end and wrap it approximately 4-6 times in each of the three spaces left between the beads. You will cross from one part of the nest to the other from the back.
From here you simply attach your loop to the wire and string on the chain and voila!


Manda said...

That is so pretty! :)

Is said...

Hi Kim, stopping by from Someday crafts link, your blog is great and this necklaces are gorgeous and so easy! I'm totally trying this!
I'm your newest follower! it would be great if you could stop by my blog
Greetings from Spain

Claire said...

So love your nests-Following you from Tatertots and Jello-stop by my blog Bless My Nest !

Lella Loves... said...

The nest necklaces are just adorable. You are so creative. I love them! Thanks for sharing... I'm off to buy some of those pearly beads. :) Lella xx

Sarah said...

My husband brought me a double string of pearls home from India that I just broke last night - I think I'm going to take three (I have three kids) pearls from the strand to make this before I re-string the pearls! Thanks for linking this to Someday Crafts!