Lately. I have been busy... and I have had things on my mind. I know I keep saying that, but I keep adding more things to my list of things to do! Do you ever feel that way?

Part of my list of new things is that I have (re)joined Weight Watchers. I have a lot of reasons for doing this. Here are a few: I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS (I guess that could be an entirely different post... lots of emotions going on with this right now), I need help with losing weight, I need to be accountable to someone other than myself, and most of all I just need the support. So far so good. I'm just starting my third week and so far I am down 5lbs. I have been experimenting with some new recipes and figuring what a portion really is. I have never felt more ready to do this. There is a lot on the line for me... that number one thing is my health. So wish me luck and stayed tuned for some "better for you" recipes... for example... Peanut Butter Granola. yum.

Other than that, Christmas is right around the corner. I have practically all of my shopping done. Thank goodness. I also made quite a few gifts which I will post soon!

Speaking of Christmas... I bought myself a pretty amazing present. A DSLR. (finally!) so I open the box, pull out the camera... and I have no idea where to start. It took me a pretty long time to even figure out how to take a picture. I am looking or help. Any tips or good websites that you know of? Show me the way!

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